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Mr. Ankit Pareek is completely dedicated to the Healing, Therapeutic and Spiritual powers of Yoga.

Yoga Master, Ankit
Who we are

Yoga in Jaipur and Wellness is dedicated to make the Disease Free and Healthy Society with age old Indian Systems like Yoga, Ayurveda and Acupressure in Integration with the modern Natural Scientific Systems of Healings like kerala ayurveda, Naturopathy, Sujok & color therapy, Reiki & crystal Healing in various Sectors like Education, Health, Industries, Corporate, tourism and all Public Sectors.

Mission and Vision

 To pass the true teachings of Yoga and other forms of Natural Treatments as taught by experts to all the sectors of society.

 To make a better healthier tomorrow for generations to come by spreading the Natural Systems of healing and drugless treatments.

 To unfold and spread the Therapeutic values of Yoga and Natural systems of Healings.

 To promote Holistic Healing System freely among such sectors towards society shows greatest disregard like leprosypatients,aids ,mentally retarded children, deaf and dumb people, blinds, old aged persons, poor children, and people suffering from incurable Ailments.

 To promote the drugless Systems of Medicines in urban and rural areas.

 To organize the Awareness Programs for public to teach them the hazards of the diseases like diabetes, obesity, aids, heart diseases , cancer, kidney disorders, hepatitis b ,asthma and tb etc.

About US

Yoga in Jaipur Yoga in Jaipur is a platform where we provide best yoga teacher in Jaipur we have a group of best yoga teachers in Jaipur who want to explain what is yoga what are the forums of yoga and the main things to do in yoga because there have lots of definitions of yoga but we want to explain what is real yoga where it come from what are the rules of yoga how we can apply yoga in our life why we should do yoga and this type of lots of question we will explain to you in our classes we have yoga class which is based on hath yoga because hath yoga is one of the oldest forum of yoga all kind of popular yoga forums depends on hath yoga. We can say hath yoga is the foundation of all yoga forums.

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